I know your heart is broken 
I know you feel alone
I know the paths you’ve chosen 
have led you far from home

I know you long for someone
  to be forever true
I know the deepest aches you have
  for I created you

And in this darkest hour
  if before me you will kneel
Place all your fears upon me
In surrender you can heal

On this very morning, so crisp and bright and new
will be a true companion, made to walk with you

So bring your broken pieces, and place them in My hand
Trust me, love me, worship me
Follow my commands

And if you honor whom I’ve sent,
  and if you’ll bear your soul
I’ll take your broken pieces, and I will make you whole

You always must remember, though, this life is not your own
Your purpose is to spread my love,
  until I call you home

So for these next few moments, reach out and take the hand.
Hold it tight, do this right, follow my commands

Pick up the shattered pieces, of those left in your care
Create a new mosaic, and cover it in prayer 

Imagine all the sorrows, the failures and the tears, as bricks in a foundation, built to last for years

And as you stand upon it, surrounded by my grace,
Know that NOTHING you’ve endured will ever go to waste

Each and every jagged fragment of the splintered lives you handed Me,
will form the firm foundation of your NEW legacy

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